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Saving Animals During the Black Forest Fire

Black Forest Fire Animal Shelters

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Animals are important members of many families, and that was made clear during the Black Forest Fire. The humane society took-in pets of all shapes and sizes, and they are still searching for strays in the burn zone.

 "We have had an amazing roster of volunteers coming in walking all the dogs, feeding all the animals... making sure everyone is as comfortable as possible," said Gretchen Pressley, spokesperson for the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region.

Many of the animals were brought in by their owners, but some are strays animal law enforcement brought in. Saving animals in the burn zone has been a team effort.

 "What was really touching to me was how many firefighters and law enforcement personal aside from us were going though and watering animals," said Sgt. Erica Dalton, with Animal Law Enforcement.

As containment grows and evacuations are lifted people are reuniting with their pets, but people that still cannot get their pets can talk to the Humane Society about longer term plans.

Pets lost during the Black Forest Fire might be at the Humane Society. Call 719- 473-1741 with questions.

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