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Saving the day during a townhome fire

Three good samaritans

Three heroes save women from a townhome fire

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - It's not everyday you look up and see a smoke wafting in the air near you.  Two men did, Wednesday morning and didn't take a second to make an important decision.  Kevin Reilly and Mark Galley were on the number two hole at the Garden of the Gods, Golf Club ready to tee up.  Mark looked at him and said, "Kevin there's a fire over there.  The house is on fire."  Both men scrambled to make things happen, calling  9-1-1 and get fire crews to 3650 Camels Ridge Lane.  

The second thing on their mind was to get over there and help the people inside. Both eventually got to the house which is near the golf course.  Mark Galley knocked on the door telling the two women inside, "Ladies you have a fire on your roof and we need to get you out of the house."  Kevin Reilly told me, "I just started spraying the house down.  The winds were picking up and the wood shake shingles were catching on fire and spreading." 

Doug Wilson is the Golf Operations Manager and was the third man who got to the house to do what he could to help contain the flames before the Colorado Springs Fire Department got to the house.  The fear was that the fire could jump to nearby homes which also have wood shake shingles.  Doug told me, "The flames were just billowing over tree top high."  Doug also talked to the two women to keep them calm as they watched what was happening to their home.  He said, "You got your cat out.  You got your Mom out.  You are in good shape, just stay calm."

No formal release has gone out about the cause of the fire or how much damage was done.  The two women have been displaced while the home is being cleaned up and repairs are being done.

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