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School District and Counties Prepare School Kids

Emergency plans set up to keep kids safe at school

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The safety of children at schools.

For counties in Colorado, this is an important priority.

School districts and counties work together to prepare for natural disasters.

Disaster aid group Save The Children has Colorado as one of 27 states without a uniform school safety plan.

Lizabeth Jordan is the Emergency Management Manager for El Paso County.

She says she has that covered.

"The county works with superintendents in regards to emergency planning kind of already to find out what they have in place."

Krista Enoch has two kids that go to Howbert Elementary School.

She feels her kids are safe at the school.

"It's a good community of teachers and administrators, I feel they have a good handle on anything that might come up."

Deb Hawes is the principal at Howbert.

Keeping safety in mind, she over prepares her students for emergencies.

"The students have that nice balance between knowing what to do and practicing without freaking out."

Hawes says the school has many plans for emergencies, including flood evacuation.

Bill Fortune works for the Red Cross.

He says his organizations one goal is to make Colorado the most emergency prepared state in the U.S.

Enoch know disaster will occur, but she feels the county and school districts are saving her children from danger.

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