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Seasonal hiring not enough to offset shutdown's negative impact

Thousands furloughed while seasonal hiring begins

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A local economist said seasonal hiring will help boost the economy, but it won't help offset the negative impact the government shutdown could have.

According to the Washington Post, Colorado Springs is the most dependent on federal workforce in the country. Tom Zwirlein, director of the Southern Economic Forum was surprised it was higher than Washington, D.C. He said in the southern Colorado region, he estimates between 5,000 and 10,000 people are furloughed.

"(That's) people that maybe won't go out to restaurants, they will put off their shopping, may not take their children to day cares," he said. But it's still too early to quantify the shutdown's impact.

Meanwhile, companies like Walmart and Amazon have announced they'll hire thousands of seasonal workers this year. Local businesses are also hiring for the holiday season.

Zwirlein said seasonal employment will help the local economy, but it won't offset the negative impact of the government shutdown.

"The wages of these full-time employees that are temporarily being laid off from their positions is much much higher than any seasonal employee will make," he said.

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