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Security Fire Dept proposes mill levy increase to grow staff

Proposed Mill Levy Increase

SECURITY, Colo. - The Security Fire Department proposes a mill levy increase to grow its staff. The proposal, 5B, will appear on November's ballot.

Firefighters at the Security Fire Department said they respond to an average of 3,200 calls a year, and this year, they expect that to increase to 3,400 calls.

"We are the busiest in the county," firefighter Zach Haslett said. Almost by double of any other county fire department, excluding Colorado Springs, he said.

When the department responds to emergencies, there is one firefighter per fire engine. Hasslet said having only one firefighter per engine is a struggle, especially when lives are at risk. If there is a structure fire, and there are multiple people still inside, one firefighter needs to go in and out to save them one by one.

Having more than one firefighter per engine would make things better, according to Haslett.

"It would make a huge difference," he said. "It would double all of our capabilities."

To double the number of firefighters in each engine, the department proposes a mill levy increase of 3.325 mills. That means, for an average property value of a $100,000, a homeowner would pay $2.33 a month or $28 a year.

"We need it, and the community needs it," Haslett said. "We hope the community supports that."

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