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Security resident tests drinking water following contaminated wells

Homeowner tests drinking water in Security

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Three water districts in southern Colorado are working to track the source of contamination that is affecting 70,000 customers.

It was discovered by the EPA during tests two years ago in Security, Widefield and Fountain. Utility crews say, they found out about it a few days ago.

Crews have shut down two wells connected to the contamination.

George Johnson has lived in the Security-Widefield area for nearly 40 years. He says water has always been a concern.

"They said the water and wells in this area were contaminated and were supposed to get it squared away," said George Johnson.

A chemical that's a by-product of Teflon has contaminated two wells.

"Sometimes the sediments just filter in the water when you're trying to drink it," said Johnson.

Mark Birkelo manages a welling company, Barnhart Pump Company in El Paso County. We asked him how contamination happens.

"The location of a well, the spotting of a well needs to be in a sanitary place, lot of precautions to protect to from surface water or contamination, that way making sure things are sealed and disinfected," said Birkelo.

Birkelo and his staff look for signs and test wells daily.

"If there's any changes from baseline, taste, color, odor it should be tested," said Birkelo.
We couldn't test for Teflon but we tested Johnson's water for health hazards. His water tested at 800+ for total hardness, meaning very high minerals. Almost every other chemical tested above normal limits.

"If you drink the water you're taking a chance, I don't drink it. I don't really care for it and I don't think it's safe," said Johnson.

Crews say levels are not high enough to pose a health risk. The Security and Widefield water district says they want to assure customers that the water is still safe to drink.

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