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Security-Widefield vandalism spree could costs car owners thousands

Security-Widefield vandalism spree could costs cars owners thousands

SECURITY-WIDEFIELD, Colo. - Car owners woke up to hundreds of dollars in damages to their vehicles Tuesday morning after an overnight vandalism spree targeted cars parked in neighborhood streets.

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office investigated 50 criminal mischief reports Tuesday morning and it expected that number to keep going up. It said a person or group of people shot cars with BB guns or pellet guns on 15 streets in Security-Widefield.

Jodi Chavez's husband discovered the back window of their truck was shattered when he got up for work Tuesday morning.  Their car was targeted along with their neighbors' two cars parked 100 feet up the street.

Chavez said she felt violated and frustrated.

"Someday [the vandals] will be working adults," said Chavez. "[They will] realize you work hard for your items and to have kids just come along and destroy it, it's frustrating."

El Paso County Sheriff's Office deputies are looking for the vandals. Sheriff's Office spokesperson Lt. Jeff Kramer said young people have been behind similar crimes in the past.

Vandals damaged two side windows on Richard Boschee's car and two side windows on his son's car.

Auto Glass Now said it costs between $120 to $150 to replace side door windows. Back windshields are more expensive; victims could pay between $130-$190 to replace them.

Boschee and his son could pay as much as $600 to replace the four shattered windows.

"They slash tires. You hear about it in other neighborhoods, it does happen here. Not often, but when it does, it's usually when school lets out," said Boschee. "I guess the kids have nothing better to do, they look for some type of thrill. Now I don't see what kind of thrill they would get out of it."

Edgar Alan St. Louis said a new window was an expense he couldn't afford right now. His damaged car is an older model so it could take him months to find a new window.

"I'm going to be starting off kind of in a hole this month because of this. I hope they would think a little more before they smash a window out of somebody's car. That might be something that people can't afford to replace," said St. Louis.

The first report came in at 4:27 a.m. from the 500 block of Quebec Street. Vandals hit neighborhoods situated west of Fountain Mesa Road, south of Fountaine Boulevard, north of Mesa Ridge Parkway and east of Widefield Boulevard.

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office Online Blotter reported criminal mischief on the following streets Tuesday morning: Widefield Boulevard, Grand Boulevard, Harding Street, Hackberry Drive, Sullivan Avenue, Tilden Street, Metropolitan Street, Quebec Street, Bickley Street, Defoe Avenue, Raemar Drive, Cypress Drive, Caballero Avenue, Cielo Vista Street and Squire Street.


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