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Sen. Bennet takes a hands on tour

Sen. Bennet takes on additional duties

PUEBLO, Colo. - On what he calls "Coloradoans don't shut down tour," Democratic Senator Michael Bennet stepped away from legislating and into Adam's Mountain Café in Manitou Springs to bus tables.

"It's a pretty stark reminder of the hard work people are doing in support of this country," Bennet said.

He also picked up a night shift in Pueblo, going on a ride along with a police officer.

"I actually think it's the folks in Washington that need the reminder and the stories that I gather are the ones that I will be able to speak about on the Senate floor," Bennet said.

Bennet says the jobs and people he meets over his tour will be a sharp contrast between Washington D.C.'s dysfunction and Colorado.

Republican Congressman Doug Lamborn was left scratching his head.

"Yeah I'm not really sure what the point is here," Lamborn said.  "I'm kind of perplexed what the message is behind this.  People in Colorado want to work and love to work."

Lamborn says he is proud at his fight against Obamacare which caused the shutdown.  He says there were bills in the House that would have prevented the shutdown.

"I wish it would have succeeded, but even though we didn't it was a struggle worth having," Lamborn said.

Sen. Bennet says his next job when he returns to D.C. will be to push for immigration reform.  It appears he will have a lot of work to get that done.

"The Senate immigration proposal is dead on arrival in the house," Lamborn said.

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