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Sen. Morse supporters demand criminal investigation

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Twila Peach, a longtime Sunday school teacher and great grandmother is one of the over 16-thousand names on a recall petition for State Senate President John Morse, according to "A Whole Lot of People for John Morse" spokesperson Christy Le Lait.

"One of Kennedy's paid circulators signed this petition, certifying that all those signatures were signed in front of him," Le Lait said.

The problem is Peach passed away two years ago.

"Forgery's a crime and we think it's important that the District Attorney review the information," Le Lait said.

Le Lait plans on filing a criminal complaint with the D.A.'s office on Monday morning.

The Basic Freedom Defense Fund which was behind the successful recall petition effort says this is just another tactic by Sen. Morse supporters to diminish the recall effort.

"After a series of losses, Sen. Morse has become increasingly desperate to hold onto his seat.  They are willing to say and do anything to ensure he holds that seat," said Basic Freedom Defense Fund spokesperson Jennifer Kerns.

Kerns points to the failed efforts by Morse to get the Secretary of State and a District Court to throw out all the petition signatures.

"The more accusations he makes against his own constituents, the regular, everyday volunteer citizens, and the more people want to recall him," Kerns said.

Kerns says her own organization does have questions of up to 50 signatures that may have been inaccurate, traced to one or possibly two signature gatherers.  She says if any name is found to be forged, they would join any prosecution efforts.

Le Lait says her group believes there are over 21-hundred names that are questionable.  She plans on filing a criminal complaint with D.A. Dan May Monday morning.

The recall election is still set for September 10th.

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