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Senator speaks up about recall efforts

Signatures to recall state Sen. Angela Giron are due on Monday.

Giron responds to recall efforts

PUEBLO, Colo. - Signatures to recall state Sen. Angela Giron are due on Monday. 

It all stems from her vote on gun legislation.   The group backing the effort needed to collect more than 11,000 signatures. Group members have said they have more than that.

 "I believe if I had voted the other way I would have had a lot more people upset with me, because I really do believe I voted my district," said  Giron.

For the past several weeks, Giron has been the center of controversy. Today she was surrounded by supporters during her monthly coffee community meetings.

The topic that always seems to push buttons on both sides is gun legislation.

Giron voted in favor of the new gun laws, which include limiting gun magazines to 15 rounds and expanding background checks.

"I've said into a couple of crowds, ‘I support the Second Amendment. I don't think this has an infringement on it,'" said Giron.

Others don't agree. Signs asking for her recall are popping up around town and outside gun shops.

Giron has a message for those who signed the petition.

"I'm just hoping they have the information and the facts or that they knew them before they went there," said Giron.

The recall efforts are being lead by Pueblo Freedom and Rights. The group says it has close to their goal, 14,000. They need 11,285.

The state then has 15 business days to verify the signatures.

 If someone decides they didn't want to sign the recall after all, they would go to the county clerk, sign an affidavit and there name would be removed from the petition.

If  Giron is recalled, she could still run again in 2014.

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