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Seven Falls months away from opening

Flood ravaged Seven Falls months away from reopening

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - September floods devastated a popular attraction, forcing it to close.

Six months later, work is still being done.

Natasha Shnapr hopes it can open soon, because when the falls closed, it took away something her family enjoyed.

Her coffee shop is also affected by the park shutting down.

"(Tourists) stopped coming and for the business it was really bad," Shnapr said.

Ryan Cole works for the Pikes Peak Country Attractions Association. He said the September floods washed away roads, parking lots and the lights on the waterfall.

He feels it's better to do the construction right, rather than quick.

"When they do reopen it's, of course, safe, but people can come and have a great time there and to make sure they're accustomed to the same fun year after year," Cole said.

He hopes Seven Falls can reopen by early or mid-summer. 

It's a date Shnapr can't wait for.

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