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Several AC units stolen in Pueblo

A.C. Units Stolen

PUEBLO, Colo. -  Several air conditioners have been stolen in Pueblo over the last several weeks.

"I just ran down to the bank and came back and that's when I noticed they were all taken apart," said  Margaret Martinez.

Luckily, Martinez didn't have to live long without an air-conditioning unit. 

"I know that it was a big expense," said Martinez. 

Her landlord told her it would cost between $6,000 and $7,000 thousand dollars to replace two units.

There have been eight units stolen since April, according to police.

Seven have been stolen from the Belmont area. The other from the south side of town.

"They are going to be have  to be carrying some tools. They are going to even have someone with them to take the object to a vehicle," said Sgt. Eric Gonzales, with the Pueblo Police Department.

The thieves are trying hard  to blend in.

Martinez's neighbor told her he remembers seeing two men, wearing vests working on the unit one. She said the thieves stole the units in broad daylight. 

Those working at a scrap yard believe  the units are being sold on the black market.

Police do say they have a man who they believe  to be a person of interest.

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