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Several Beulah firefighters resign

Beulah, CO - There's controversy in the small town of Beulah, just 25 miles southwest of Pueblo.

Several firefighters have resigned.

Some said the firefighters resigned because of safety issues, while others said its because they don't like the who got the new job.

Bryan Ware came from Ohio to Colorado in 2011 to oversee Beulah's EMS department. In 2009 he was charged with sending inappropriate pictures to a group of people that included a minor. In  2006, he was suspended for serving alcohol to minors.

Despite those reports, several have rallied around him.

"Nobody is perfect, Bryan made a mistake and he took care of it," said Leslie Biondolillo, a Beulah resident.

She believes the resignations stem from the merger between the fire department and EMS that took place this year.

"It became a power struggle of who was going to take over. Bryan was in charge of EMS he got an interview like everyone else and he got it. He has done a lot for the community," said Biondolillo.

But, it hasn't been a smooth transition. Three weeks into Ware's new position,Karl Potestio was let go. He said without an explanation, and at least five firefighters have resigned.

"I contacted my firefighters and let them know that I was no longer with the fire department and they decided to resign due to safety issues," said Potestio.

He said the safety issues include moving equipment from the trucks.

"No one wants to fight a fire when you don't know where your equipment is," said Potestio.

Several still back Ware, and just want the mudslinging to stop.

"Its really more about focusing on the community and we don't want this to overshadow what we are trying to do. Our main priority is to keep the community safe," said Naomi Blake, an EMT for Beulah.

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