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Severe weather challenges flood projects

Severe weather challenges flood projects

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Mother Nature put flood projects in Colorado Springs to the test.

The Peregrine neighborhood in northwestern Colorado Springs, Cheyenne Creek and Camp Creek faced the challenges of severe weather.

Manish Kochhar lives in the Peregrine. Water left his a yard a mess after floods in past years. The Coalition for the Upper South Platte and his neighbors stepped in to put in straw dams to slow down the floodwater from Waldo Canyon.

After the recent storms, all there was left was wet straw and deer walking through it.

"It's been good, we been checking on the bales and nothing has happened yet," Kochhar said.

Ben Macias lives next to Camp Creek. He remembers the creek turning into a raging river last year.

"It was pretty scary, I was quite worried," he said.

The City of Colorado Springs removed more than 4,000 tons of debris from Camp Creek.
Workers also put concrete in the ditch on 31st Street.

More work needs to be done, but after intense storms hit the creek all there is left is a steady stream in the ditch.

"It's been holding up great. They did a good job down here," Macias said.

Judy Arnold said the Cheyenne Creek flood evacuated her from her home twice last year.

After the storm, the City of Colorado Springs, the State of Colorado, and the federal government stepped in to help.

The project is still a work in progress. It was put to the test by rain and hail, and Arnold said she feels safer after noticing the creek wasn't overflowing.

The Camp Creek projects cost more than $30 million and $100,000 went toward Cheyenne Creek.

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