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Shaken baby cases on the decline in El Paso County

Fewer Shaken Baby Cases

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Shaken baby cases are on the decline in El Paso County. One nurse has seen the result of people who take their frustrations out on infants. She says the lower numbers are a reason to celebrate and to keep working.

El Paso County leads the state with child abuse reports. There were 15 cases of shaken baby syndrome last year, but for the first time in six years there have been no cases of abusive head trauma at memorial hospital so far this year.

Nurse Sally Duncan told KRDO NewsChannel13 education is the reason for the change.

"It's preventable. It is preventable. In most of these cases people don't even realize they are causing these injuries. They are ill prepared," said Duncan.

Duncan has seen firsthand dozens of cases every year.

"It is pretty horrible to think that under the age of one we have a lot more homicides than almost any other from 0 to 100," said Duncan.

El Paso County Commissioner Sallie Clark said community outreach is the key.

"Once that fatal step is taken it not only changes an adult's life forever, but it takes that child's life away," said Clark.

Hospitals are also teaching parents to be careful with who cares for their child.

"Don't take a chance. Make another choice. Don't take a chance they may hurt you child," said Duncan.

The Not One More Child Task Force said it will continue educating new frustrated parents. If you suspect a child is the victim of child abuse, you can call 1-800-4-A-CHILD to report it.

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