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Sheriff Maketa meets with Commissioners

Sheriff Maketa meets with Commissioners

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A vote of no confidence by El Paso County Commissioners recently doesn't mean Sheriff Terry Maketa isn't confident.

"I think we are in a better position today to respond to any type of disaster than we ever have been," Maketa said.

Confidence in his staff.

"When one person steps down, which is common in a paramilitary operation, there is a trained person to step in behind them and fill the void," Maketa said.

And confidence in himself.

"I have performed and risen to the level and beyond what the community has expected," Maketa said.

Hard to say anyone would have expected the leaked "selfie," the threats of lawsuits and controversy that the Sheriff has found himself…but he had an answer for that too.

"It doesn't take facts to file a lawsuit," Maketa said.  "I think when the independent investigation is completed it's going to clear up a lot of myths that are going around.

Commissioners had emailed the Sheriff a list of questions, most focusing on how well the operations at the Sheriff's office are running despite losing top command staff, who filed a federal employment complaint.

"Of the three commanders on leave they have nothing to do with emergency management," Maketa said.  "All three of those have qualified people who have been appointed to handle their duties and they're actually doing really well."

Commissioners had very few questions for the Sheriff after he had answered the list in the email, despite having him face-to-face. 

Commissioner Peggy Littleton did question the Sheriff if taxpayers were on the hook for double salaries for those employees filling in.  The Sheriff responded that there are no double payments being made.

Sheriff Maketa left through a side entrance trying to avoid the media gathered to ask questions.  Only KRDO was able to ask the Sheriff a question immediately after the meeting.  Sheriff Maketa remained silent.

Since Maketa is an elected official, he cannot be forced out of office unless there's a recall. Opponents are gathering signatures on a recall petition.  The recall would be in November.  Maketa is term-limited and will leave office in January.

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