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Shooting survivor talks about nightmare

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Shooting survivor talks about nightmare

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - Tuesday night is a night that Becky, her husband and her young children will never forget.  Around 9:30 p.m., someone shot bullets at her house, a truck and three other homes in the 4400 block of Allison Drive in Colorado Springs. 

Becky told me she was just about to put her two young girls to bed upstairs.  She says, "I heard the first pop and realized what it was and grabbed my girls.  I felt drywall hit my face and I could feel the heat of the bullet go by."

The bullet slammed through the door and rocketed through the wall narrowly missing her and her kids.  Her husband and infant child were upstairs watching television.  Amazingly no one was hurt or killed in this shooting attack.

One of her neighbors was watching television when the bullet went through the wall and crashed into the television. 

Becky says about this drive by shooting, "We're all very thankful.  All I could think about last night was how close that bullet was to me.  I might not be here for my kids."

Becky told me she doesn't know why anyone would target her or her family or anyone in the neighborhood.  She also says one of her neighbors believes the shooter's car is a white or grey sedan.  The person who saw it couldn't be sure of  the make or model.

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