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Shooting victims' families campaign for John Morse

Shooting victims' families campaign for John Morse

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Relatives of some of those killed in the Aurora theater shooting and Newtown are campaigning for one of two Colorado senators facing a recall election for passing stricter gun control laws.
Tom Sullivan and Lonnie and Sandy Phillips, whose children were killed in Aurora, and Jane Dougherty, whose sister was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School, spoke with volunteers for Sen. John Morse in Colorado Springs Wednesday. Sandy and Lonnie Phillips of San Antonio, Texas also joined the volunteers in going door-to-door -- something they plan to continue until the election ends Tuesday.

Tom Sullivan told KRDO NewsChannel 13 that losing his son, Alex, in the Aurora theater shooting made him angry that the alleged shooter, James Holmes, obtained his weapons legally.

"He didn't acquire any of these things down any back alleys," Sullivan said.  "This was under the bright lights of our regular retail stores."

"That was my only son," Sullivan said.  "He was my best friend.  I don't want other people to have to lose people in the manner that we have."

Sullivan, Dougherty and the Phillipses commended Morse for his stance on gun control laws.

"I think it's an abuse of the system," Dougherty said of the recall election.  "I think we wait until elections, and we cast our votes."
Meanwhile, six of the Colorado sheriffs who oppose the new gun laws held a rally in Colorado Springs.  
Colorado was the only state outside the East Coast to tighten its gun laws after last year's mass shootings.

Voting begins in El Paso County on Thursday.  Click here for more information on where to cast your vote.

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