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Shops in southern Colorado are showing their Broncos spirit in different ways

Stores show Broncos Fever

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Shops in southern Colorado are going preparing for the Super Bowl.

A Wal-Mart in Fountain made a message that reads "18 (Peyton Manning) crush the Seahawks." It was made out of soda boxes.

A cut out of Peyton Manning is up for sale to the highest bidder at the Tank and Tummy convenience store in Lamar. The highest bid so far is $50.

In Colorado Springs, the Broncos buzz started last week for Patsy's Candies.

"I am so happy, so ecstatic, I was like good job," Patsy's Candies Owner Si Niswonger said in response to the Broncos going to the Super Bowl.

He said when the Broncos won the AFC Championship game, he was motivated to make his blue and orange Broncos popcorn, but it wasn't easy to make.

"Getting the blue shade as close to the Bronco blue and orange was tricky, it took a little experimentation," Niswonger said.

He ended up making more than popcorn.

Niswonger made jelly beans, salt water taffy, lollipops, and jawbreakers.

Melinda Warner said she likes the new product.

"I think it's great, it shows a lot of spirit," she said.

Niswonger said if the Broncos win, there will be more popcorn and candy.

"I'm on it. I'm going to keep making it," he said.

Niswonger said Seahawks fans are also welcome inside his shop.

The Broncos products are also being sold at Patsy's Manitou Springs location.

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