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Signatures supporting killed kitten turned in to prosecutor's office

Group wants jail time for kitten killer

PUEBLO, Colo. - Many people in Pueblo are hoping their signature can help convince a judge to send an admitted kitten killer to jail.

In late January, animal control officers arrested Robert Heckmann, 25. According to officers, Heckmann videotaped the death of a kitten named Loki. Heckmann is accused of trying to drown then strangling the cat.

A few weeks ago, Heckmann and prosecutors made an agreement that could limit his sentence to probation. Ultimately, that decision will lie with the judge in this case but many people feel like coming to a plea agreement with Heckmann sends the wrong message.

"I think he needs to do jail time," said Jason Lewis, an organizer of the online site Justice For Loki.

Lewis turned in the online petition calling for a harsh punishment Thursday. It collected 1,500 signatures.

"He should pay for that crime and he should also get some help," said Tammie Stevens, an animal rescue advocate.

In addition to the petition, there is a Facebook page that's been set up to gather public support. 

"The people have spoken," said Lewis. "There are over 4,000 people on the Facebook page."

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