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Single dad takes class to learn how to braid daughter's hair

Single dad takes class to learn how to braid daughter's hair

PUEBLO, Colo. - When Greg Wickherst tried to do a ponytail on his two-year-old daughter, it was a struggle for the single dad who proudly boasts a shaved head.

"I can't do anything with my hair so I might as well do it with her," he said.

Wickherst works as an admissions representative at IntelliTec Colleges of Pueblo. Several months ago a stylist heard that Wickherst wanted to learn how to do his daughter Izzy's hair.

"I kind of just looked online for a few little hairstyles for little girls and then we went from there," said stylist Ashley Rivera.

After Wickherst got off work, he would head to the salon for a cosmetology class.

"We just sat with a mannequin, and she'd show me how to do it and then I'd do it," he said.

Wickherst now works his magic with all sorts of intricate braids. One of his favorite styles is dividing Izzy's hair into three sections, braiding them and then looping them together into one braid.

"It really wasn't that hard. It was just a matter of learning how to do it. Just taking the time to do it and now it's very simple to do these styles," he said.

The former Navy technician said he wants to encourage more parents to break gender stereotypes.

"I think dads should take care of their daughter's hair and moms should take care of their son's football or whatever."

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