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Sister of hit-and-run victim reacts to new hit-and-run law

Sister of hit-and-run victim reacts to new law

PUEBLO, Colo. - About 50 new state laws began to take effect in Colorado on Tuesday, and one of them deals with hit-and-runs.

The law doubles the statute of limitations for fatal hit-and-runs from five to 10 years. It applies to crimes committed on or after July 1, 2014.

"Clearly the more time you have on those types of accidents the more fully you can investigate them," Pueblo Police Department Sgt. Chris Noeller said. "Leads crop up, sometimes people remember things later on or decide to turn in somebody if they hear them talking about it later on."

Corrine Martinez's brother, Joe Sisneros, was hit and killed in Pueblo last year. The driver took off and hasn't been caught.

"It's been devastating actually to know that a year and months have gone by and we don't have no closure in our family," she said. "We still look at every car like, 'I wonder if that's the car, I wonder if that's the driver that hit and killed my brother.' There's just no peace in our lives right now ."

Martinez hopes no other family goes through the pain hers is going through, that's why she applauds the new law. It won't apply to her brother's case, but she hopes it's solved soon. She asks the driver to turn him or herself in.

"I would just like to know who you are and what happened that night," she said. "If you do that, I could find forgiveness in my heart. Just to know that we found who did it, that would put me and my family at ease, and I know we could forgive you."

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