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Sky high generosity

Sky high generosity

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A group of friends in Colorado Springs decided to put the "extreme" in extremely generous.

After meeting a homeless man named Keith, 19-year-old Kristopher Kirtland, had an unusual offer.

"Have you ever thought about skydiving," Kirtland asked.

Videoing the entire exchange, the look of surprise is obvious on Keith's face, but that was quickly followed by a yes.

"Being homeless, you're not given much and when you're given an opportunity…this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for this man," Kirtland said.  "He jumped on it."

Starting the day living on the streets, after a shopping trip for new clothes, a shower and a haircut, Keith was on his way to jump out of a perfectly good airplane.

"His last words just before jumping out of the plane that we caught was ‘I hope this experience gives me the courage to succeed in other areas of my life," Kirtland said. "For us, that was really what it was all about, was giving him the courage to move on in his life and take the next step."

The group of friends, who call themselves ‘Media Overload,' say they spent around $800 on the day including a couple of nights for Keith in a hotel room.  Kirtland says Keith has already had a couple of job interviews.

"He taught me that just because you're in a bad time in your life you don't have to be negative," Kirtland said.

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