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Slick Saturday: snow causes accidents, road closures

Colorado Springs, Fountain, Pueblo on accident alert

Roads remain slick, wrecks reported across southern Colorado

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - It was a slick Saturday across Colorado. Snowy, icy roads were closed and accidents were a common sight.

Slow was the word of the day. It's really the only way to handle the slick spots. Even drivers who are used to Colorado weather foudn themselves slipping and sliding.

Despite the winter conditions, drivers got behind the wheel on Saturday.

"Icy and snowpacked," said Daniel Hyatt. "I literally saw a semi go sideways. I'm not sure how he recovered. I thought he was going to roll," he said.

"It's pretty awful driving about 20 miles per hour under the speed limit the whole way," said Eric Wincott.

Wincott started his road trip to Austin, TX in Denver. He said he didn't expect to see so many accidents.

"There was another one that involved two cars. It looked like one rear ended the othher and then they kind of flipped a little bit. It was pretty bad," said Wincott.

One drive has seen pretty bad conditions plenty of times. Walt Pleimann was celebrating his 76th birthday on Saturday.

"The roads are kind of slick. They're getting snowpacked," said Pleimann.

Snow plows were trying to keep up with snowpacked streets and highways as more cars and trucks crowded the roads.

"The State Patrol had quite a few people held up near Monument, on the north end of Monument headed southbound. There were several cars on the side of the road," said Hyatt.

Even if drivers thought they had it handled, they had to think again.

"Just go really, really slow. Really, I haven't gone over I don't think 10 and I still just slid everywhere," said Odessa Felice.

If you're not from Colorado, now 76-year-old Pleimann said, "For all you Californians that are coming out here, go slow."

Northgate and Vindicator Drive neighborhoods in Colorado Springs lost power Saturday afternoon. Colorado Springs Utilities said two cars ran into electrical equipment because of the snow. Both areas had their power restored a few hours later.

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