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Small business strives to give at-risk homeowners peace of mind

Small business strives to give at-risk homeowners peace of m

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A small business in Colorado Springs strives to give at-risk homeowners peace of mind.

Colorado homeowners have lost everything in the Waldo Canyon and Black Forest fires and the floods that have followed. In the wake of the devastation, they are expected to remember everything they own for their insurance company.

Together We Stand Home Inventory & Asset Management Group grew from the ashes of the Waldo Canyon fire. Owner and founder Carrie Mitchell had friends who lost everything in the fire.

"After it happened I was over there trying to help them remember everything they had.  They were devastated," said Mitchell.

She volunteered after the fire and heard similar stories from other victims of the fire.

"I kept hearing the same thing over and over. You know, not only that they lost everything but now their insurance company was requiring them to come up with a detailed list of everything they had in their home, how many, when they got it, how much they paid for it, everything, and there is no way you can do that," said Mitchell.

Keith Hays' home is at risk for floods and fires. His home sits in the wildland-urban interface where neighborhood meets forest. He has mitigated his property and built a cement wall to protect it against rising water.  Still, Hays knew he wasn't prepared if disaster hit and took away everything he owned.

"I couldn't write an inventory list for my living room if I wasn't in it," said Hays.

Hays and Mitchell have spent hours combing through his home to detail every item.

"It has just has given me complete peace of mind," said Hays.

For Mitchell and her clients, it's become more than an inventory list.

"They would share with me the stories behind everything and we cry, we laugh, the stories that come out of it," said Mitchell.  "It's such a living legacy. It's really cool."



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