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Snow delays some school districts, not others

Snow delays some school districts, not others

MONUMENT, Colo. - Some parents were surprised Thursday morning by a school district's decision to start on time despite snowy and slick roads.

School delays rolled out around southern Colorado. Districts 11, 12, 14, 20, and 49 opted for two-hour delays for its schools to account for slick roadways and icy commutes.

Lewis-Palmer School District 38 decided to start on time Thursday. The district previously changed start times for its elementary schools to five minutes earlier to make up for school time lost due to weather.

However, the district said the decision not to delay school was not impacted by the fact that its elementary schools are already trying to make up for lost time. It said instead, its staff drove the roads early Thursday morning and determined the roads were tolerable.

The decision did surprise some parents.

"Usually when it's slick like that, they usually delay it a little bit," said Terri Rawls.

"I was a little bit surprised, seeing as Falcon was and some of the other ones in the area were," said Kristen Fox.

Monument Police Chief Jacob Shirk said the roads were not ideal, but driveable. He agreed with the district's decision to keep school on time.

"We didn't have a whole lot of snow right up here in the area, and where there was snow the crews have been very well clearing the areas," said Shirk.

Cece Krumholz said her drive was hectic.

"It was very slippery. I spun around a couple of times," said Krumholz. "I think a delay would have been in order because up where I live, it's not quite plowed yet."

Kristen Fox was surprised school wasn't delayed, but said it comes with the territory.

"I guess it kind of goes with living in Monument," said Fox.

Fox's fifth grader, Reagan Fox, was happy the snow didn't lead to a snow day.

"I love school," said Reagan Fox.

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