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Snowboarding declining in stats, coolness as younger skiers embrace maneuverable twin-tips

DURANGO, Colo. - Snowboarding's popularity has been slipping across the nation as younger skiers embrace ski designs borrowed from boarders, like maneuverable twin-tip skis.

The National Ski Areas Association says snowboarding participation fell 4.5 percent during the last five years, while skiing grew 6.7 percent.
Ski industry insiders tell The Durango Herald that part of the drop is because ski manufacturers are learning from snowboard makers and producing more skis that are more fun.
The general manager of Durango's Second Avenue Sports, Ron Thompson, says skiers increasingly have gravitated toward park tricks.
Snowboarding still has one advantage: a lower entry price.
Decent skis cost about $650, but a comparable snowboard can be had for about $300, even though they are made in similar ways. Ski boots cost about $600, while snowboard boots run $150 to $300.

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