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So-So speakers

Buying from where and who?

So-so speakers

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - A buyer beware, especially during the holiday season.   A caller I spoke with got a sales spiel about a home theater speaker system that sounded too good to be true.  It's something you may want to pass up.

The caller talked about Jonsson speakers. The price tag on the box said 25 hundred dollars.  The buyer got them for a fraction of that cost.  A big question mark should have come up when he noticed that the two guys were selling the speakers out of their car in the Security Widefield area off highway 85.  They called themselves Premier Electronics.

I went to The Sound Shop and talked to the experts about Jonsson speakers.  Mike Fallart is the General Manager and has been in the industry for more than 25 years.  Mike did some research about Jonsson speakers on the company website "Their website says they are rated at 300 watts and they are powered.  They're not even powered speakers, they're passive. It would take someone on an IPad or phone to research it and see that's not real."   Fallart believes these speakers were manufactured overseas for about 30-40 bucks and, "They're just inexpensive, poorly made, bad sounding speakers.  When you get home and hook them up, you'll find that out."

Fallart says he sees these kind of out of the trunk, too good to be true sales, twice a year.  He told me it happens in the Summer and during the holiday.  Price aside, there's no apparent location to return the speakers if you don't like them.  

I emailed the company website and so far there's been no return email.

Here are the descriptions of the two men who are selling the Jonsson speakers out of the back of a car.  Both men are white.  One of them is bald.  They are driving a black Chevy Equinox.  The company they say they are with is Premier Electronics. 

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