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Solving storm water problems in northeastern Colorado Springs

Solving NE storm water problems

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - When it rains it pours and when it pours that is bad news for drivers in northeastern Colorado Springs.

Yesterday, a woman had to be saved from her car on North Gate and Highway 83 because of flooding.

Voyager Road is no stranger to flooding; drivers had to battle the water last year.

Rachel Bignenlo said driving during a flood can be a challenge.

"A couple of times, I gone through it and it almost stalled out my car," she said.

Colorado Springs Storm water Engineer Tim Mitros said since more businesses are being built in northeastern Colorado Springs there has to be more protection to prevent debris and sediment from going in the city's creeks.

Mitros said developers use rock socks to block debris and sediment from going in the creek.

The storm water engineer said it works, but it can backfire.

"What happens is when you have these intense thunderstorms, they come up really fast and the rock socks block up the inlets and it doesn't let it reach full capacity and so we get flooding in our intersections," Mitros said.

He said all he can do is give advice to developers on how to continue to improve their storm water barriers.

We contacted two developers building in northeastern Colorado Springs. They still have to get back to us about how they are improving their barriers.

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