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Sons may cost their parents more than daughters

New Harris Poll shows adults sons more likely to move back home

CNN - It can be very expensive to raise a child, but a new report says raising a girl may be the better bargain!

It's good news for those who have daughters.

Yes, it may be pricey in the teen years with all of the clothes, makeup, hair and nails, but a report in Money Magazine says raising girls may be a better financial deal in the long run.

There have been many stories in recent years about "boomerang" children — those who move out for college and then move right back into their parents' home.

According to a new survey conducted by Harris Poll for Yodlee Interactive, daughters are less likely than sons to need financial help from mom and dad when they grow up.

The survey found after the age of 18, daughters are less likely to move back home.

Of those living with parents, 41% of adult men surveyed said they get financial help from mom and dad, as compared with 31 percent of adult women.

The contrast gets larger as the adult children age.

32% of men ages 35-44 still spend nights in the bedroom they had as kids, compared with 9% of adult women.

The study also found that daughters are more likely to provide care for aging parents.

But it's not all bad news for boys.

By age 45, the differences in financial independence between males and females do fade.

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