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Southeast Colorado Springs cleans up after floods

Southeaster Colorado Springs cleans up flood aftermath

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado Springs residents are dealing with the aftermath left behind by days of heavy rain. Even residents not living near the burn scars were affected.

It was a busy morning for Laura Montez, a tenant at the El Vecino Apartments on Monterey Road near South Circle Drive. Standing water that had been accumulating on the building's roof rushed through her apartment, soaking her carpet.

"My roof and where my sliding glass door (is) started pouring like a waterfall," she said.

Throughout her apartment, Montez has placed buckets, pots and even empty trash cans to catch water leaking from the ceiling. Her ceiling light covers are filled with water. And all her furniture has been moved away from windows.

"It sucks because there's nothing we can do except for try to save our belongings," she said.

Others throughout Colorado Springs are dealing with similar issues. Basement restoration companies have been busy.

"We're receiving a massive amount of phone calls due to basement flooding, main level flooding, something to that effect from the rain waters," Black Label Restoration owner Rich Coleman said.

Coleman said repairing water damage can be expensive, but it can't be put off. He said the damage could worsen and end up costing more to fix. And there's a health risk too.

"To live with mold is not healthy long term," he said. "So when this happens, any water damage - whether it's rain water, whether your water heater broke, you want to get that fixed within the next 3 days."

Montez said the damage in her apartment will take a long time to fix. It's the second time it floods since she moved in in July. And her biggest loss has been time.

"It's just the time," she said. "Cleaning the carpets, replacing the carpets from the mold that all that water's gonna sit there."

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