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Southwest Colorado Springs cleans up

Southwest Colorado Springs cleans up

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. - RJ Steer runs one of the most famous tourist stops in Colorado Springs.

"I'm one of the grandchildren of the founder of the John May Museum Center," he said.

Located on Rock Creek Canyon Road since World War II, the museum is in a nice location, just a few yards away from the creek that lends its name to the road.  But Thursday, the creek was anything but nice to the museum.  Steer says that this is the worst flooding that he's seen since 1997.

"Our parking lot is impacted right now.  We have a water ditch that's blown out in two spots," he said.

He lives only a few yards from his business and the creek spared his home, even if his neighbors were not so lucky.

He said, "neighbors of ours up the canyon, about 12 families have received extensive damage."

So many in this part of El Paso County are telling similar stories.  A few miles away Francie Phalmer was cleaning up after Cheyenne Creek swallowed part of her backyard Thursday evening.

"It was coming down pretty good and we had a car in that garage and we moved it out into the street thank goodness," she said.

A few hours later, the garage was gone.  A few doors down, a neighbor showed us a picture of what the creek looked like a few days ago at her house.  Cheyenne Creek is normally peaceful, but four days after the deluge it's still a raging torrent.  And for Phalmer, it's the second time the elements have dealt her a blow.

"My husband and I live in Black Forest and we had the fire and our house burnt down," she said.

And despite the losses Pfalmer still feels lucky.

"I saw the stuff in North Colorado and how horrible that was and this is really (a) piece of cake," she said.

Meanwhile - and only a few yards away - three deer were hardly paying attention to the creek raging nearby.  Proving that nature perseveres.

The May Natural History Museum should re-open tomorrow.

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