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Southwest El Paso County roads are still damaged

Southwest El Paso County roads are still damaged

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. - Heavy duty cleanup continues along Cheyenne and Rock Creek.

It's from all that damage caused by flooding Thursday.

The floods took out bridges and roads.  Nearly a foot of rain fell on Thursday alone in the area.

The creeks are still running high today since some of the water is being absorbed by the trees and vegetation on the mountainsides.  But the dirt that is flowing down the mountains is causing some of the backup as well by clogging the creeks.

Those who live near both creeks say that crews from the county have done a good job of getting the roads back open, but there are still some trouble spots.

Andre Brackin is the El Paso County engineer.  He said, "especially west of Highway 115, that area down there is our biggest problem area down south.  Paseo Corto is one of those roads, Rock Creek Canyon.  Those roads, while they may be passable for some vehicles, I would say they're not in any kind of good condition for travel."

Brackin believes that many of the roads that were washed out during the flood will need to be totally rebuilt at some point.  For now, the county does not have the money to do that.

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