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Spice victims speak out after bust

DEA busts 'Spice of Life' for selling synthetic marijuana

Spice victims speak out after bust

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - One Colorado Springs teen spent days in the hospital because of Spice. Josh Walker is alive to tell his story, and he's talking only to Newschannel 13.

"At first, I didn't think it would happen to me, but I learned the hard way," said Walker.

19-year-old Joshua Walker ended up in the hospital after using spice.

"I did it thinking nothing of it except just get high for a day," he said.

He'd tried it before, no real issues until the last time

"Everything just blacked out from there," said Walker.

He woke up to a nightmare finding himself in the ICU.

"I was told I was between life or death. It just blew my mind," said Walker.

It was a near heartbreak for his dad.

"My son's one of the luckiest ones," said Joshua's father Gordon Walker.

Joshua has had a full recovery a month later.

His dad rejoiced after learning the DEA busted the "Spice of Life" shop for selling the very thing that nearly killed Joshua

"I was like good. Thank God! Finally. It needed to be done," said Gordon Walker.

'Needed to be done' is an understatement for Stephanie Colbert.

"That means a lot to me just because parents don't have to go through what I go through on a daily basis," said Colbert.

Her 19-year-old son Nicolas died two years ago after using Spice.

"The thought of how he died and knowing that it could've been prevented."

But knowing at least one shop cannot sell Spice any more, Colbert said she's glad for Colorado Springs' young adults and teens who can't get it either, at least for now. Joshua's dad, though, is looking at the bigger picture.

"Who's next? When's it going to come around again?" asked Gordon.

In the meantime, Joshua is alive and has a message for other teens.

"Even though Spice sounds cool, even if you're on UAs, just don't. It can really mess you up," he said.

Another bit of great news to share with you about Joshua: he's getting married. Joshua says he won't touch spice ever again because he doesn't want to lose his fiancée.

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