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Spring snow packs a punch

Spring snow packs a punch

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. - Spring packs a snowy punch on the third day of April. Drivers were tackling the storm since early Thursday morning.

As Southern Coloradans stared waking up, a snow storm was already getting worse.

"It's pretty gnarly out. That's for sure," said driver Brandon Mires.

Around 4:30 a.m., the snow poured down, heavy and wet, and visibility was zero in some places.

"The farther north I got on I-25, it got heavier and heavier. It was really tough just to see the exit signs," said cab driver Greg Abramson.

A semi lost control and jackknifed on Highway 83, but the truck driver managed to get back on the road.

Cab driver Abramson said he was driving as slow as 10 mph.

In Security, it wasn't the snow that sparked conversations, but a power line that caught on fire.

Back in Monument, plow driver Brandon Mires said, "It's pretty heavy, yeah. It's a good workout. That's for sure."

"Calls are backing up. People are wanting cabs, not walking. Cars aren't starting. So... or they're just afraid to drive."

"I was in shorts yesterday and now I'm all bundled up and everything."

It's a reminder to keep your winter clothes handy even in the springtime.

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