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Springs airport officials report smooth travel day before Thanksgiving

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado Springs Airport officials said travel has been smooth this Thanksgiving Eve.

Almost every flight was on time Wednesday morning.

Chicago was the only trouble spot in the country and flights were delayed there because of dense fog.

Aviation Director Mark Earle said two flights at the Colorado Springs Airport were affected but overall flights were on time and travelers seemed to be ready.

Travelers at the airport said flying on Thanksgiving Eve can be stressful, but that it is worth the trouble to get to spend the holiday with family.

Airport officials said passengers should remember to keep it simple on busy holiday travel days.

They encourage passengers to pack light, check in online and check their flight status before leaving for the airport.

Earle said the most important thing for passengers to do is give themselves plenty of time.

He also said passengers should keep their airline contact information handy.

Ashley Boyer was flying home to St. Louis on Wednesday. She said she got to the airport two hours early just in case, but that everything went smoothly.

She said she got to the airport in record time and security lines were not as long as she anticipated.

"I guess I can start off my Thanksgiving holiday being thankful for, so far, smooth travel," said Boyer.

Passengers who are flying out for the holiday should not be too concerned about crowds when flying back home. Earle said passengers tend to fly back in waves rather than all on one day.

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