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Springs Airport to use rewards to boost declining passenger numbers

Declining number of travelers at Springs Airport

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado Springs Airport officials are coming up with ways to reverse declining passenger flow.

The February passenger numbers are down 6 percent from a year ago. Colorado Springs Airport Interim Director Dan Gallagher said the reason for that is the loss of Frontier Airlines.

Gallagher added that because of Frontier's departure from Colorado Springs, the number of passengers will continue to show a decline.

"It is absolutely a concern for the city and for the airport," he said. "We do need a thriving airport. That helps the economy, that helps (bring) business and leisure travelers to the region."

Gallagher said airport officials are working on attracting more passengers.

"We're going to be incentivising passengers through rebate programs, through mileage programs, through hotel  points, so when you use the airport, you get airline miles, you get hotel points."

And business travelers may soon see a closer valet parking, a premium lane at check-in and a first-class lounge. These could be in place by midsummer.

Airport officials are also working on attracting airlines.

"We're talking to our incumbent carriers, the carriers that are here right now, and those carriers that don't serve the market, and we're showing that there is a market here, people do want to fly out of Colorado Springs, and there's opportunity here," he said.

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