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Springs gun shop owner threatens to leave pending gun bills

Gun Shop Owner Threatening To Leave State

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Jeff Lepp, owner and CEO of Specialty Sports, is threatening to pull his business out of Colorado if lawmakers pass stricter firearms laws.

"I will accept absolutely no firearms laws or any changes as to ammunition laws of any shape or form," said Lepp.

Lepp said he gave his first television interview in eight years only because he is so fed up with lawmakers in Denver.

"The governor has no clue the economic impact on the state of Colorado," he said.

Lepp said tightening guns laws will impact hunting, tourism, the ski industry and more.  He said proposals like the one to hold sellers and manufacturers of firearms responsible for damage, injury or death goes too far.

"The Colorado Bureau of Investigation does their full background check which is more in depth than the FBI check.  If they approve somebody to us, we have no reason in the world to doubt that person is not legally and potentially mentally capable of owning that firearm," he said.

Lepp said tragedies like the Aurora Theater shooting shouldn't impact responsible gun owners.  "Each of these people are mentally challenged in one way or another, it has nothing to do with firearms.  It's the people," he said.

For now, Lepp is running his business as usual.  But he is keeping a close watch on what happens at the state Capitol.

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