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Springs man uses Old Glory to protest the state of our nation

Man uses Old Glory to protest the state of our nation

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - It's perhaps the most recognized symbol in America, our flag.  Now one Springs man is using Old Glory to protest the state of our nation.

Dave West said our country is in distress and he isn't afraid to show it.  Since the election, his American flag is flying high, upside down.

"I'm sure some don't care for it," he said.

But West said it is by no means meant to be disrespectful.  He points out that an upside-down flag is a signal of distress.

"Our country, I feel, is pretty heavily distressed right now," he said.

West said he is fed up with Washington.  "We have the most corrupt regime running the country in history," he said.

West said he's heavily involved in politics.  During the election, West worked to convince voters to head to the polls and has spent a lot of time writing his congressman.

KRDO News Channel posted his position on its Facebook page.  More than 100 comments came in, most supporting West's choice.

But some disagreed.  Sherri Pacheco wrote, "It shows his disrespect."

West said he doesn't plan on flying his flag right side up anytime soon.

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