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Springs mom happy to see accused bank robber locked away

Butson also faces new trial on indecent exposure charges

Kids testified against bank robbery suspect in exposure case

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Brock Butson has been accused of robbing seven banks with his sons but, one Colorado Springs mother would like to see him sent to prison for something else.

It dates back to something that allegedly happened in April. Cindy Bosch said Butson exposed himself to her daughter and her daughter's friend right in front of her home.

"They ran in right when it happened and told me what was going on," said Bosch. "I ran to the window and he had a newspaper covering what they had seen."

Police arrested Butson and prosecutors took him to trial on the two counts of indecent exposure. The trial ended in a hung jury based on the tale Butson told the jury -- he was carving wood and the kids saw him working on one of his projects.

"He said he was sanding it -- that's what they saw," said Bosch.

Since then, Butson has been implicated by police as the ringleader of a bank robbery team that involved his sons.

Braden and Nicholas Butson have both pleaded guilty to felony robbery. Brock Butson is expected to enter a plea next month.

Butson is currently in jail with little chance of getting out on bail. According to jail records. He would need to post $1.75 million in bail.

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