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Springs police out in force on burglary calls

Burglary call brings strong response from CSPD

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - It appears police are paying special attention to calls in which they may find two men wanted for a string of burglaries across Colorado Springs and El Paso County.

Police are searching for Nathaniel Flavio Gonzales and Gino Patrick Rael, both 20 years old. Detectives said they have stolen a number of weapons from some of the homes they are accused of burglarizing. Felony arrest warrants have been issued for both men.

The heavy response for a burglary-in-progress call was evident Friday on two separate calls.

The first was on Buckeye Drive off W. Woodmen Road. A woman told police that she came home to find a stranger with a gun inside her home. He tried to force her upstairs and that's when she fled and called the police.

When news crews arrived, several police officers had already responded. One had a shotgun trained on the house.

The burglary suspect was able to get away and the woman was not injured, according to police.

Also Friday, a call of a burglary in progress brought a more than a dozen police officers to a home on Michigan Avenue, near Chelton and Airport Roads.

"It makes me feel good that they respond quickly," said Jeremy Vorhauer, who lives in the home.

Police arrived to find a window ajar and heard a noise in the basement. They surrounded the home and called for backup and a K-9.

Many people marveled at the number of officers called to the scene.

"To see everybody standing there with those shields and hiding behind cars -- it's always  nervewracking when they're standing around your  house," said Vorhauer.

"We're always thinking that way to make sure everyone is safe," said Sgt. Jason Ledbetter with the Colorado Springs Police Department.

Police said its not overkill but a typical response so they can catch a burglary in progress.

"There are several burglaries that happen all over the city every week and it's always better to get someone while it's happening," said Ledbetter.

Police never called in the SWAT team for the Michigan Avenue incident but they said they always treat burglary in progress calls as if there is someone inside ready to shoot their way out.

"We don't know what the homeowner has in the home also like weapons that the thieves may be after so if they didn't bring their own they can possibly pick them up from the house and be armed that way," said Ledbetter.

Police are still trying to determine if the call was a false alarm or if someone left the home before police arrived. At this point, it doesn't appear as if anything was stolen.

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