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Springs Streets Division using a lot of resources to clear roads of snow

Streets Division has more resources in storage

Streets Division using a lot of resources to clear snow

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The winter storms are a problem for drivers and the Colorado Springs Streets Division.

The city's snowplow crews have been running on continuous shifts since the storm began.

People who drive in Colorado Springs feel the roads are good for now, but with more snow in the forecast, the streets division is prepared.

"When we have a storm of such long duration as we had with this storm, we have to go into resource management," said Streets Division Manager Corey Farkas.

Snowplow crews are using a lot of resources, like anti-skid, from the main streets division, but have more in storage, and their snowplows are receiving wear and tear.

"You start running into the problem of your equipment going through a 24-hour cycle; getting beaten up a little. At this point and time, without additional snow, the equipment we have out on the roads is keeping up, (but) you start to get in trouble when the snow continues," Farkas said.

Farkas has advice on how drivers can make the work easier for the snowplows.

"If you can stay home, the less people that are on the road, the more we can do with the roads," Farkas said.

The Streets Division lays anti-skid on the road, it provides traction for vehicles and works if people drive the speed limit or slower.

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