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Springs Transmissions owner responds to fraud investigation

Greg Ehnes denies accusations

Police raid Springs Transmissions in fraud case

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The owner of an auto shop raided by police Wednesday is responding to allegations he ripped off dozens of people.

TARGET 13 was the only news outlet to talk to Greg Ehnes after his business, Springs Transmissions and Automotive, was searched by police for nearly eight hours.

"When you do two million cars and you get 40 complaints with the BBB, that's a very small percentage," said Ehnes. "I don't take advantage of people or rip people off. I finance a lot of people; usually I'm the one that don't collect the money."

Ehnes said he believes he's in trouble with police for a different reason.

"I know negative things about the police department and they're after me," Ehnes said.

TARGET 13 talked to nearly a dozen people who said they'd been taken advantage of my Springs Transmissions. Some came to pick up their cars after police raided the shop.

Katrina Olivas said she had been told her car was fixed and ready, but found no repairs had been completed, that her back seat was torn out and her key was in the ignition.

"There's no reason to come through the backseat. The only thing wrong was with the fuel pump and the shifter," said Olivas. "My speakers are gone out of my backseat."

Police said Ehnes is being investigated for not doing work he was paid to do, refusing to return cars to customers, stealing parts, vandalizing vehicles and doing shoddy work. They said they believe there may be upwards of 50 victims, with many being elderly or low-income.

Karen Eveleth said her son paid Springs Transmissions close to $2,000 a year ago, and that his car still is not running properly. She said on top of everything, the car was damaged.

"The tailgate hatch didn't open, the break lights were broken, the window was broken, the car seat wouldn't move forward," said Eveleth.

TARGET 13 asked Ehnes about specific damages to customer cars.

"When somebody complains to me, 99% of the time, I take care of the person," said Ehnes. "Nothing should be missing."

Ehnes' assistant added that burglars have been stealing from vehicles.

Ehnes told TARGET 13 his shop will be open as usual Thursday.

Customers are left wondering if they will ever see the money they paid for repairs.

"I'm upset," said Olivas. "I'm a single mom of two kids and I can't get to work. Back and forth, getting rides to work and working, trying to pay off the car to get it fixed."

Police want to speak to anyone who feels they've been taken in by Springs Transmissions. Call 719-444-7000 to file a report.

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