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Springs women hoping to be part of Prince Harry's harem

Many Excited to See Prince Harry

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - As Prince Harry gets ready to attend the 2013 Warrior Games, women in Colorado Springs gear up for a different competition - one that sets its sights on him.

"I certainly will see if I can get out and see him and just go, 'Go Harry!'" Georgia Lenzmeier said.

While some women are happy just to see him or give him a shout-out, others hope for more.

"Would I be allowed to touch him? Could we hug? Would that be OK?" Rebecca Faulkner asked. "I would just try and hug him."

But even a hug isn't enough for some - they want a long-term commitment.

"My name is obviously Arielle, like the little mermaid. So I need a prince to marry," Arielle Avant said.

But hugging - let alone marrying - the prince won't be easy. They'll have to fight off plenty of rivals.

"Just him coming alone gives the young and especially the single ladies excited," Keisha Covington said.

But what is it about Prince Harry? Women said everything from his hair to his accent. Some even called him perfect.

Still, if they want his attention, they'll have to overcome a big hurdle - the first encounter. Most women said they'd be speechless.

"I would like to pretend that I could amaze him with my sparkling wit," Rebecca Flora said. "But in reality, I would just be like ,'Uh, uh, uh hi! Uh,' and then I would turn bright red and run away."

Prince Harry will be at the Warrior Games opening ceremony and volleyball exhibition Saturday. Both are closed to the public, but KRDO Newschannel 13 will be there bringing you updates.

On Sunday, he will attend a cycling event at the Air Force Academy. That is free and open to the public. It begins at 12:30 p.m. at Falcon Stadium.

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