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St. Mary-Corwin receives grant from Kaiser Permanente

$41,000 to support genetic counseling and post breast cancer treatment

PUEBLO, Colo. - Kaiser Permanente Colorado and the St. Mary-Corwin Health Foundation announced a new program aimed at increasing the number of women living in Southeast Colorado who receive genetic counseling and post breast cancer treatment navigation services.

A $41,000 grant from the Kaiser Permanente Community Health Fund will support the St. Mary-Corwin (SMC) Dorcy Cancer Center's mission to offer treatment to patients without the need to travel away from home.

Program efforts will focus on reaching high-risk groups including those who are at genetic risk for breast cancer, women receiving post-treatment services and under-served women living in rural Southeast Colorado.

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women living in Pueblo and Southeast Colorado.

Over 36 percent of patients at the SMC Dorcy Cancer Center are uninsured with 40 percent of cancer patients living in rural communities.

The goals of this new genetic counseling and post-treatment navigation program include:

1. An increase in the number of women who receive genetic counseling.
2. One hundred percent of Dorcy Cancer Center breast cancer patients referred to a genetic counselor.  
3. An increase in the number of breast cancer survivors offered a survivorship care plan. This care plan will highlight the symptoms of possible recurrence and the importance of follow-up screenings.
4. Development of a survivorship care booklet for Southeast Colorado breast cancer patients.

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