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State Trooper shocked by January's DUI and DUID numbers

State Patrol releases DUID numbers for January

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado State Patrol has released new numbers that are giving us a look at the problem of driving after smoking marijuana.

77 drivers in the state were cited for DUID. 60 of them were for marijuana.

332 drivers were cited for driving under the influence.

It's the first time State Patrol has ever compiled the data for driving under the influence of drugs. Troopers plan to use the numbers as a starting point to track the issue.

State Trooper Josh Lewis said he is shocked that more than 400 drivers would be under the influence while driving in January.

He said drivers have been pulled over for other reasons and they found out drivers were also under the influence.

"We stopped cars with no headlights or registration violations and found people to be under the influence," Lewis said.

He said troopers know to be on the lookout for drivers who are high.

"If they are swerving or driving too slow or too fast and not have headlights on, that can be signs," Lewis said.

State Troopers determine if a driver is under the influence of drugs by blood tests. It is illegal to have five nanograms or more of pot in your system while driving.

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