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State troopers to monitor heavy holiday traffic

Travelers asked to drive safely, stay sober during Labor Day weekend

State Troopers to Monitor Heavy Holiday Weekend Traffic

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The Colorado State Patrol alerted drivers Friday that troopers will have a strong show of enforcement during the holiday weekend.

Trooper J.R. Schmidt explained what the Patrol will watch for.

"Drivers who are following too closely, speeding in excess, changing lanes abruptly and slamming on brakes," he said.  "And if you drive drunk, we will stop you."

Schmidt said most of those violations are committed by drivers who don't plan trips in advance and rush to their destinations.

Saturday's football game at Air Force also will add to traffic congestion in the area, Schmidt said.

The Colorado Department of Transportation doesn't keep statistics on holiday traffic increases in southern Colorado.  However, CDOT said looking at the average daily traffic flows for the area provides a sense of additional congestion during Labor Day weekend.

CDOT said traffic along Interstate 25 averages 29,000 at the Pueblo County line, rises to 134,000 at the Woodmen Road interchange, and declines to 54,000 at the Douglas County line.

CDOT expects traffic to be heaviest between Denver and Trinidad as many travelers visit reservoirs, parks and mountain campgrounds.

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