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Stewie's first public appearance

Stewie's First Appearance

COLORADO SPRINGS, Co. - It was a big day for Stewie the cat. He made his first public appearance all in the hopes of teaching an important lesson.

Stewie recently had surgery to correct a condition he's had since birth, but he also made it out of a scary situation.

His brother, Loki, was tortured and killed. Now the Humane Society is hoping this survivor can carry on a message, so this kind of tragedy doesn't happen again.

Animals facing hardships, because of people.

"This is just one example of what animal law enforcement officers face every day. They investigate more than three-thousand cases of animal cruelty in the Pikes Peak region every year here in our region. That's a lot," said Katie Borremans, with the Humane Society.

It's an all too common case the Humane Society is trying to avoid.

"I think Camp Whiskers and Wags really strives to teach kids about being respectful of animals and having compassion for animals. We want them growing up caring for all kinds of living things, including animals and Stewie is a great way to introduce them to that."

"It's about learning how to treat animals the way you want to be treated, and how you should take care of animals, and you shouldn't hurt them, or not fee them or just lock them outside, you should take care of them," said camper Caroline Richards.

"Obviously Stewie had a horrific past, and we're really not going into the details with the little kids about it," said Borremans.

Details too tragic for kids to hear. But out of a terrible situation it's a happy ending for Stewie.

"We've always kind of looked at Stewie as the bright spot of this case. Seeing him interact with the kids and seeing the kids love him and being excited about animals it's a really great thing. Stewie is a great example of the good in people as well. So many people have called us and donated money to help with the surgery, and now we've got people calling to see when he's going to be available for adoption. So I think the message today is he's going to be alright," said Borremans.

Stewie is staying with a foster family right now.

The Humane Society expects him to be up for adoption in the coming weeks.

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