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Stolen truck found in car accident

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A stolen truck was found this morning after being involved in a car accident.

Police said they got a call about the stolen truck early this morning.

Officers spotted the Ford F-250 pick-up truck was traveling eastbound on Galley Road.

Police said they were trying to pull the truck over when it ran a red light at the intersection of Galley and North Academy Boulevard. 

The truck hit with a white sedan that was traveling southbound on N. Academy Blvd. 

Two people from the white sedan were transported to a local hospital with minor injuries. They were both released from the hospital.

The two occupants of the truck tried to run from the scene, but officers caught up with them in a nearby parking lot.

Both of them were arrested. Their names have not been released.

The owner of the stolen truck, Michael Kurvink said that his keys were stolen just before Labor Day.

He reported the keys stolen to police, but after a month, he said he thought his family was in the clear.

Kurvink said that was not the case. His wife's car was stolen about a week and a half ago.

Police eventually found it stripped down to just its frame. The engine and transmission had been taken out of the car.

Kurvink said he discovered his truck missing around 3 a.m. Wednesday. He reported it immediately.

According to Kurvink, he and his wife only have a rental car to use now and he has no way of getting to work.

He said he is glad that two suspects are behind bars. He is almost certain that all of the thefts are linked.

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