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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - There's a Summer push to stop the spike in auto thefts in Colorado.  Pueblo is number one in car ripoffs in our state.  Colorado Springs is ranked second for auto thefts.  A group called Lockdown is starting a media blitz at the beginning of July to keep you and your vehicle safe.

Sgt Rich Smith showed me the obvious and not so obvious ways to stay safe.  The obvious is don't leave your keys in your vehicle.  It seems pretty straight forward doesn't it?  However, the experts say half of all car thefts happen because someone leaves a key in the car. 

The not so obvious things to think about include your registration, insurance information and other paperwork that's in your locked or unlocked glove compartment.  Sgt Smith told me when you keep that stuff inside the car you've got easy access to the keys to your home.  He says, "Open up the glove box and I have the home address to the registered owner of the vehicle and the garage door opener so I have the keys to your house.  The next thing inside many glove compartments is a set of service records for car repair.   I not only have the registered owners home phone but also their cell phone which is on this paperwork."

Bottom line according to the experts, keep your insurance and registration inside your wallet or purse with your driver's license.  You've got easy access to that information when you're driving in case there is an accident.   With service records that you want to keep together black out your address, cell phone or any other information to make sure you have the records and the crook doesn't have your information.

July through October are usually key times for thieves to target your vehicle.  Lockdown is going to be starting a media and billboard blitz to stop them and help you.  I've put a link to their website on Links We Mentioned on our home page for more tips to keep you safe.

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